Demi Lovato’s Ex Made A Creepy Comment About Olivia Rodrigo & Get A Job, Stay Away From Her

Mex ehrich, Demi Lovato's ex, and Olivia rodrigo

Max Ehrich, also known as Demi Lovato’s obsessive ex, has made a creepy comment about Olivia Rodrigo on Instagram. Um, no. Absolutely not. Stop this at once.

Pop Crave announced on Instagram that Rodrigo’s had split from her boyfriend Zack Bia, who she was casually dating for a few months.

Ehrich then allegedly commented on the post and said: “my turn”. Ummmm, excuse me?

Aside from the gross implication of passing Olivia Rodrigo around like she’s not a whole autonomous human being, let’s also note their age gap, shall we?

Rodrigo is only 19 years old. Max Ehrich is 31 years old. He is 12 years older than her.

Grown men stay tf away from teenage girls challenge!!!

In case you aren’t across the tea around Ehrich, he’s the guy Demi Lovato (who goes by she/her pronouns now) was briefly dating in 2020. The pair struck up a relationship just before lockdown, and then essentially isolated together during the pandemic.

They were only together for five months before they were engaged… and then broken up. In the same month. The split was really messy.

After Lovato dumped him, Ehrich claimed she had a finsta which she used to bully Selena Gomez, who he said she hated. He then allegedly admitted to a fan that it was fake but told them to keep “dragging” her with it.

Sources told E! News Lovato and her family had to block Ehrich on everything because he was in “denial” about their breakup and kept trying to contact her.

He also went on Instagram rants about Lovato. Ehrich accused her of using him and their relationship as a PR stunt because she released a breakup song very soon after they ended their engagement. Somehow, he brought Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande into it. It’s all very ick.

Ehrich was last dating actress Yamila Saud.

Olivia Rodrigo is yet to comment on all this drama.