Matty J Recounts Copping “Abuse” From Group Of Blokes During One Of His First Modelling Gigs

Getting his kit off for the upcoming All New Monty TV special is no problem for ex-Bachelor Matty J as he’s modelled in the past, even before rising to fame on the Channel 10 dating series, but sadly doing so has brought back some painful memories.

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The new dad recounted a bad modelling experience while chatting to Gold Coast Bulletin ahead of this year’s rendition of the charity special.

The 32-year-old reveals he was subjected to verbal abuse while at one of his first catwalk modelling gigs.

“Back in the day I did a little bit of modelling,” he began. “One of my fondest memories is being in my DTs (slang for dick togs) at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast.”

“That was one of my first catwalk experiences and I had these surfer guys yelling abuse at me,” he said.

“I’m hoping this time around the crowd is going to be a little kinder to me.”

Johnson, and other celebrities including NRL babe George Burgess, Wiggle Sam Moran, dual code great Lote Tuqiri, the grumpy bloke from Blue Heelers John Wood,AFL legends Robert ‘Dipper’ Dipierdomenico and Brendon Felova, will strip off for The All New Monty, which will air on Channel 7 next Tuesday.