Friends ‘Fans’ Are Mad At Matthew Perry Over Reunion Merch He’s Fanging & FFS, Leave Him Alone

Ah, mate. First they went after Matthew Perry because he had the audacity to age (???), now they’re mad at his Friends Reunion merch and leave the poor bloke alone, will ya?

The ’90s star has been fanging Friends merch in the lead-up to the almighty reunion because why the fuck shouldn’t he? The dude was an instrumental part of that show!

But yeah, people are pissed at the messaging. Namely, the vaccination theme.

The bloke recently took to Twitter to share his latest design, a t-shirt in the Friends font that reads: ‘Could I Be Any More Vaccinated?’

Folks immediately took aim at Matthew Perry for profiting off promoting vaccinations and I honestly don’t see why that’s a bad thing, if it encourages people to do it?

“Making money from a t-shirt relating to vaccines is in bad taste. Could I BE any more annoyed,” responded one fan.

“I love you but this t-shirt is not it haha,” another wrote. “Just propaganda machines for life huh? That’s all celebs are anymore.”

The limited-edition tee is being sold for $26.99 at Perry’s online store.

The tee’s description reads: “Now back out into the world!!….or stay in and binge-watch Friends again! :)”

ICYMI: Last week, punters took aim at Matthew Perry over his appearance in a PEOPLE promo clip.

One article by Page Six was titled: ‘Matthew Perry stuns fans with slurred speech in ‘Friends’ reunion promo.’

The first line reads, “Matthew Perry slurred his words and had a thousand-yard stare in a video to promote the much-anticipated “Friends” reunion — leaving fans worried about his well-being.”

It continues:

“At one point, Perry sounded slurred while answering a question about whether he ever took a souvenir from the old set after the end of the show in 2004.

I stole the cookie jar that had the clock on it,” he said, pronouncing a distinct ‘sh’ sound at the beginning of ‘stole’.”

It’s absolute BS, I tell ya.

Watch the clip for yourself below and you’ll see what I mean: