Matt Preston, Karl Stefanovic Immortalised in Chocolate

Just in time for Father’s Day on Sunday, Australia’s largest chocolatier and confectioner Darrell Lea has teamed up with sculptor Kenji Ogawa to produce what are sure to become Australian icons on par with Big Bananas, Big Pineapples and Big Bingles: a trio of one-of-a-kind, life-size chocolate replica busts in the likeness of celebrity fathers 7PM Project presenter and comedian Dave Hughes, TODAY Show host and genius MC Karl Stefanovic and professional masticator Matt Preston.

The artisan effort, however, is not merely a vanity project for Preston to indulge in some cultish, culinary ouroboros ritual in which he chows down on his own jowls with a pensive expression on his face: instead, money raised from the sale of the heads in an eBay auction will go toward the Save the Bilby Fund. Each sculpture took two days and 60kg of chocolate and a whole lotta self-restraint on Ogawa’s part:

“Lifelike faces are challenging to sculpt, particularly when it comes to accurately capturing the unique features of an individual. But, it is also highly rewarding and I loved the experience of working with chocolate to create these very unique pieces of art. I did however, have to stop myself from eating the shavings!”

Karl Stefanovic

Matt Preston

Dave Hughes

To take home the talking head of your choice, check out the Save the Bilby Fund website.