The 2010 Logies Highlights

Who watches the 2010 Logie Awards besides bored drunks and Packed To The Rafters fans?

Bert is always classy and was mildly amusing – but only mildly. The other night he did an interview about Matthew being in rehab and didn’t have the hairpiece on. Why is the hairpiece still on the scene? The jig is up, Bert. In other news, his face really is amazingly moon-shaped.

Kerri-Anne K did a weird red carpet interview with Ruby Rose, insinuating there was some crazy times in the ladies toilets last year. Don’t Kerri-Anne. Just be your ridiculously camp self. You don’t need to create a lesbian scandal for peeps to love you.
Susie Elelman‘s breasts, plus her ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hair still does not equate to sexy. Shudder.

KD Lang replaced Susan Boyle as a guest performer and sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Finally someone covered that song.

Some of the highlights from the evening:

Alf Stewart actually won the Gold Logie – just as we hoped .

– Serial pest Danni Minogue broke the Twitter embargo, revealing that Alf had won gold 30 minutes prior to the telecast announcement. Few cared.

Wil Anderson also broke Twitter embargo – to talk smack about most of Australian television community. Smarmy but amusing.

Shaun Micallef made lolz to accompany his remarkable facial expressions.

[Check out Olivier’s speech HERE]

– Masterchef judge “Cravat” Matt Preston won Outstanding New Talent.
Later got super drunk and disheveled. Sadly footage not available for sharing at this early stage.

– The best part of the 2010 Logie Awards was remembering the 2009 Logie Awards…

Title Image by Caroline McCredie via Getty