The Trailer For The Aus Version Of Amy Poehler And Nick Offerman’s DIY Show Is A Hoot & A Half

Making It Australia

While I was watching Survivor the other night, a trailer for a little something-something I hadn’t seen before popped up on the telly. It was the first look at a new series called Making It, an Australian version of the beloved DIY show hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. And friends, I’m happy to report it looks SO GOOD.

Network 10 announced it was making an Aussie version of the show last year, with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman as executive producers.

Making It is basically a competitive DIY show, dialled up to level 10 with contestants churning out all sorts of practical and straight-up bizarre creations. Expect to see pottery, pyrography, macramé, origami, painting, glass-blowing, knitting, floristry, and… a Chris Hemsworth lampshade.

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg here.

He looks like my actual boyfriend, I’m cackling. 

I imagine that lamp would go off on Etsy.

Making It Australia is hosted by comedian, actor, and writer Susie Youssef, alongside her mate and fellow comedian and radio personality Harley Breen.

Production designer and art director Deborah Riley is one of two judges, with paper engineer Benja Harney.

I can’t DIY to save my life, but the trailer rules.

Making It Australia will premiere on Channel 10 later this year. We will absolutely keep you updated on a release date because we all need some wholesome content in our lives right now. And hey, I know a lot of people who threw themselves into DIY projects over the past couple of lockdowns, so I’m sure this show won’t be just wholesome, but full of spectacular inspo too.

Also, the trailer has suddenly put me in the mood to re-binge the entirety of Blown Away on Netflix. That’s the competition show with the absurdly talented glass-blowers, who can make, well, anything out of glass. 14/10 recommend.