Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman Reunited For A Pun-Off & It’s So Fkn Wholesome

In case you weren’t aware: Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler are hosting a reality TV competition show about making stuff and doing craft and generally getting on the tools. It’s called Making It, it premieres at the end of the month, and it sounds entirely adorable.

The show will feature eight contestants, all charged with the task of crafting objects by hand in a variety of different disciplines, the difficult of which will ramp up week-on-week until a winner is crowned. Presumably with some sort of hand-made wooden crown.

With the show in full-on promotion mode, the content overlords at NBC have taken a slightly more novel approach to the usual teaser videos: Simply put the Parks & Rec pals in a pair of relaxing deck chairs opposite each other, and let their punning wits go head-to-head.

You’re god damn right, folks. It’s a good, old fashioned Pun-Off.

Mate against mate. Wit against wit. Terrible joke against terrible joke.

It’s so goddamned wholesome. So incredibly, wonderfully, all-consumingly wholesome.

How’s the creeping grey in Offerman’s beard too? Good lord, he is wearing age well.

Making It premieres in the US on July 31st, though there’s no word just yet on whether any local broadcaster will pick it up for Australian audiences.