Hoo boy. How’s this for some unexpected queer and potentially fabricated tea for you? MAFS stars Natasha Spencer and Tash Herz have been snapped having a cheeky pash while on holiday together. According to New Idea, who released the photos, the pair “didn’t shy away from locking lips and snuggling” in Bali, where the duo travelled following the completion of filming. Take from this what you will.

Once again, we’re left in a pretty tricky situation. On one hand, it’s problematic and slightly harmful to question the validity of a same-sex female relationship. On the other hand, the paparazzi pictures just look so damn staged. I don’t know what to believe anymore. If the relo is fake, though – particularly during Mardi Gras season – I’m flipping shit and throwing hands. Period.

No matter the outcome, these images are pretty damn spicy and MAFS viewers most definitely didn’t see this one coming.

With this in mind, I’ll just leave these snaps here (check ’em out over at New Idea). Do with them what you will.

Image: Channel 9 / MAFS