WILD SHOCK: Looks Like Tash & Natasha Just Hooked Up Bc Her New GF Went Public Today

tash girlfriend mafs

In not at all shocking news, it looks like those photos of Tash and Natasha hooking up in Bali were nothing more than a *probably* staged photo op because Tash has a girlfriend. And they’ve just made it Instagram official.

Yep, her Married At First Sight season hasn’t even finished airing yet but Tash has already hooked up with another contestant AND gone public with a post-show relationship, which is significantly more action than I’ve received in the last few weeks.

“I could not be prouder watching you stay true to yourself over the last few weeks. This is the start of our chapter now and I am so ready for our life together,” her new girlfriend Madison Hewitt shared on Instagram today alongside two loved-up photos of the new couple.


She didn’t seem to have much chemistry with her on-screen wife Amanda, but it looks like Tash is all loved up with her new girlfriend Madison Hewitt.

Tash is yet to share any cute couple snaps on her own Instagram, but it doesn’t take an expert to see that she’s clearly the woman in the picture. However, she took to the platform yesterday to share her take on her departure from the show.

“Participating the #MAFS experiment was a really challenging experience for me,” Tash wrote.
“I can say with total pride that I was 100% true to myself, my strong morals and values for the entire duration of the journey, even when it meant drowning out the expectations of others and having to hurt feelings by being honest about my own.”
“Sadly, Amanda and I were a very incompatible match but that’s no fault of hers, nor mine as we are who we are as people and our dynamics were obviously not harmonious or able to bring each other peace.”
“Love for me is about feeling like you’ve come home. And no one should ever have to settle for any less than that. To all you gorgeous humans that have sent me an overwhelming amount of support, I am BLOWN away. Thank you for seeing me. GOOD LUCK TO THE BABES LEFT! It’s one hell of a wild ride. ????????⚡️????♥️”

The announcement comes after Amanda told NW that she suspected Tash and Madison had been seeing each other throughout the show’s filming process. However, this is yet to be confirmed at this stage.

“I’m pretty certain Tash was seeing someone throughout the experiment,” Amanda,  told NW. “Tash applied for the show at the same time that she was in a serious relationship. And she applied for MAFS with the girl that she is now seeing.”

Regardless of when the relationship started, it looks like Tash is happy and loved up, which is always good news.