Go Off, Queen: MAFS’ Melinda Willis Has Responded To Rumours Around Her Breakup W/ Layton Mills

MAFSMelinda Willis has spoken out to debunk the “sexist” rumours surrounding the breakdown of her relationship with on-screen hubby turned real life boyfriend Layton Mills.

The couple announced their split, which was just a month after their one year anniversary, earlier this week with the ol’ faithful Instagram statement, writing:

“After a lot of thought and consideration, we have sadly decided to both take time apart.

“We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn’t mean our lives can’t come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best.”

Since the announcement, the rumour-mill has been working overtime alongside a bunch of unnamed sources that seem to be adding fuel to the fire that the reason for the breakup was more sinister than a mutual split.

Willis has since posted a series of Stories to her Instagram (@melindarichelle) addressing the rumours circulating in the media that her relationship was all thanks to a publicity stunt.

TBH a year would be a really fkn long publicity stunt, I can’t imagine anyone committing to a bit for quite that long.

In the Stories she said:

“Calling it a publicity stunt is so insensitive, so rude, we are literally a few days fresh into a breakup. [It’s] no-one else’s business to comment.

“Saying things like ‘oh we fizzled out after the show’ – we were strong, we were so strong after the show, and there was absolutely no fizzle out at any stage with me and Layton, we were like guns blazing the whole way.”

She also put the claims that her and Mills didn’t spend any time together during their relationship to bed.

“Saying we hardly saw each other because we had businesses and that – we saw each other every single week to two weeks, and four to ten days in a row.

“We travelled together, we have a phone full of memories and a phone full of dates that show we saw each other so, so much.”

She also said that any of the claims that she was just on the show to promote her business were “super lame” as well as being “sexist”.

“[Saying] Oh, Mel had a business she must be going on the show for her business,

“Okay well the guy also had a business too, but no one goes at him for that do they?” she questioned.

Whilst Mills is yet to comment on the break up publicly, I am living for this discourse of Willis standing up for herself and for her former relo — go off queen!