Looks Like ‘MAFS’ Star Lizzie Sobinoff Has Done A Shit Job Of Hiding Her New Husband

lizzie sobinoff

My favourite thing about MAFS is all the rumours. Do these people stay together? Is this old mate grinding up on some woman in Bali who is not his wife from the show? Current fave: has Lizzie Sobinoff accidentally revealed the identity of her new MAFS husband?

It is suuuure looking like it. The tea comes from Instagram account @mafsfunny, known for their Married At First Sight memes. They’ve done some sleuthing of the highest order, and compiled some mighty suspicious stuff.

As you can see, old mate Lizzie Sobinoff has posted twice in the same location as one Seb Guilhaus, a hot rando who describes himself as an “eccentric Pisces”.


Nova FM have deep dived further, working out that Seb’s followed by the whole MAFS cast. HMMMM. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm.

Lizzie Sobinoff hasn’t even made her appearance on this season of MAFS yet, but we know she’s on her way – I’m predicting she gets introduced on Sunday, since we just lost Poppy and Luke. There’s room for a new couple… watch this space.