Wild New ‘MAFS’ Report Reveals A Huge-Ass Fight Is Coming Between Hayley & Lizzie

As we hit the halfway mark on the Married At First Sight experiment, this is when things start to get verrry interesting.

According to a report by Woman’s Day, there’s a big biffo coming between the brides, where Hayley Vernon and Elizabeth Sobinoff go at it on a night out.

The publication reports that Elizabeth reportedly “smashed a glass” in a heated altercation during a night out. She didn’t spill wine over her like the great Martha vs Cyrell beef last season – she literally smashes a bloody glass.

“They had never seen her like that before – it was intense,” an insider told the publication.

Hayley reportedly also goes after a few other brides and cracked jokes about her own cheating scandal with David, which angered Elizabeth.

“All the brides [who left] return for a bit of fun and Lizzie comes face to face with Hayley… needless to say she’s not a fan.

“She’s out for Hayley’s blood.”

The report went on to say that production staff were concerned over Elizabeth’s recent weight loss and her emotional state.

Elizabeth also went after her new co-stars for leaking spoilers during an interview with News.com.au on Monday.

“It’s disappointing and it’s upsetting and frustrating,” she said.

While Elizabeth agreed that things can sometimes “slip out” during interviews, she said this year’s spoilers have ruined the show for viewers.

“People want to follow the journey and people are invested in the contestants,” she added.

So I bet this report will anger her even more.