‘MAFS’ Source Says The Girls Night Biff Between Liz & Hayley Was More “Intense” Than We Saw

On Sunday night’s ep of Married At First Sight, Elizabeth Sobinoff and Hayley Vernon got into a major scrap during a girls’ night out for the brides.

And according to a report by NW magazine, the altercation was even more dramatic than we saw on screen.

Apparently there were “glasses being broken and cussing” when the argument broke out.

Connie Crayden said she was “between them with my head in my hands,” adding that she was petrified things were going to turn physical.

The fight broke out when Hayley allegedly verbally attacked rival Stacey Hampton for boasting about her children.

As the fight escalated, Hayley and Lizzie were both reportedly escorted from the pub by security.

“Lizzie was an absolute antagonist towards me – those crazy eyes from last year were back,” Hayley told Woman’s Day.

The fight shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to punters who have been following our MAFS coverage as we previously reported that ‘A Huge-Ass Fight Is Coming Between Hayley & Lizzie.

A Woman’s Day source revealed there’d be a big biffo between the brides, where Hayley Vernon and Elizabeth Sobinoff go at it on a night out.

The publication reported that Elizabeth allegedly “smashed a glass” in a heated altercation.

“They had never seen her like that before – it was intense,” an insider told the publication.

Hayley reportedly also goes after a few other brides and cracked jokes about her own cheating scandal with David, which angered Elizabeth.

“All the brides [who left] return for a bit of fun and Lizzie comes face to face with Hayley… needless to say she’s not a fan.

“She’s out for Hayley’s blood.”

Perhaps we’ll see more of the wild footage during reunion night?