A Former MAFS Attention Goblin Is Coaching This Season’s Contestants As A ‘Fame Consultant’

mafs fame consultant nasser sultan

It’s simply not a Married At First Sight season without a bit of spicy goss, is it? We’ve already had brides and grooms confirm they’ve had acting experience outside of the show. Now we’re hearing that some of the contestants from the latest season are getting some help from former MAFS stars, hiring them for the very real and necessary roles of “fame consultants”.

Turns out that rumour has been verified as well, from the horse’s mouth itself. And who else could step into that deeply-crucial role than Season 5’s attention points king and friend of the show, Nasser Sultan.

Sultan spilt the tea of his new MAFS-adjacent job in a chat with Cliffo & Gabi on HIT Queensland’s breakfast show on Thursday morning, letting slip he’d been coaching not one but three contestants to try and stay in the show as long as possible. He didn’t divulge on his whole roster but did confirm he’d been assisting Selin Mengu.

“I haven’t said anything because they’re still on TV, as you know the show’s still going,” he said.

“To be honest with you, who else would you talk to if you wanted advice? You come to Nasser. You wouldn’t go to anyone else.

“I’m the guy for the media side and how to keep going after [the show].”

Sultan also confirmed that other MAFS alumni Jessika Power and Bryce Ruthven are also working as these “fame consultants” for current cast members, which explains SO MUCH.

“Jessika Power — you wanna talk to her if you wanna go on OnlyFans, she’s experienced,” he said.

“Bryce… well Bryce you’d go to him if you want to be the rebel. If you wanna sorta cause trouble, or if you wanna come out to be not liked or a little bit sort of not popular.”

Knowing that notorious par-boiled ham is helping MAFS contestants out really puts a lot of the dogshit behaviour of some of this season’s grooms into perspective. It’s like the blindfold has been taken off and I’m staring straight into the sun.

Sultan said the tips he’d given to contestants for getting more airtime during filming was about being “genuine and a bit firm”.

“You can push the envelope but don’t push it too much ‘cos people can see it now,” he said.

“I tell them ‘go along with it but if you don’t want to say something, don’t say it because they can’t edit something you haven’t said.’”

His one other piece of advice to the MAFS stars he’s coaching? Don’t bitch about the other contestants.

Probably some good advice there, unless this is all part of his long-running character performance piece.