Nasser Sultan, Incessant MAFS Troll, Admits He’s Been Playing A Character This Whole Time

MAFS Nasser Sultan Podcast

Married At First Sight alum Nasser Sultan has sat down with Josh Fox (creator of Instagram meme pages @MAFSFunny and @BachieFunny) for an interview about life after MAFS and the supposed ‘character’ that is the Nasser we all know and, well, love to hate.

On a recent ep of Not Another Reality TV Podcast, the pair chat about how Nasser was blocked from the @MAFSFunny page for ‘trolling’ and Nasser admits he’s been playing the role of a “deluded reality star” – who basically trawls the internet to cause drama and stay relevant in the headlines since his 2018 MAFS season.

“Sometimes it’s like there’s a split personality… the whole thing is a front. I’ve put on this front, and I think I’ve done it extremely well,” Nasser said.

“Nobody has done this character [before]. I’m realising now that you can’t play this character forever, there has to be a limit where [I say], ‘Enough now, I have to change direction’.”

It’s actually an interesting set of confessions from someone who one would believe was just being himself this whole time, but it seems like, according to Nasser, this curated character has become him over time. Sure, mate, whatever you say.

The two then move on to discuss how the entire character of ‘Nasser’ became so out of control that at some point, cops were just letting him go because of who he was known to be from MAFS. Wild stuff right here.

“I wanted my name to be known by everyone across Australia… it all went wrong because I started to embed myself in the lives of everybody else. I am obsessed.”

“The character I created, of course it’s going to be a hated character… it’s not a character anymore, its Nasser now.”

You can listen to the full podcast below right here.

Now it’s important that we not forget how Nasser asked people not long ago to give him money to allegedly support domestic violence, despite not being affiliated with any organisations whatsoever. Now I’m pretty sure that the alleged ‘character’ of Nasser wasn’t behind that entire mess, but hey, go off I guess.

You can read all about that in this yarn right here.