This Theory About Why MAFS’ Dan Doesn’t Give Two Fucks About Being Seen With His GF Checks Out

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MAFS cast members have contracts to follow so the show isn’t spoiled for everyone, but Dan Hunjas has been photographed getting cosy with his presumed girlfriend Samantha Symes on multiple occasions now — and MAFS 2022 participant Domenica Calarco has some thoughts as to why.

“Dirty Dan, he’s clearly breached his contract,” Domenica said on a bonus episode of PEDESTRIAN.TV’s We’ve Done The MAFS podcast.

“I wonder why he’s getting in now ahead of what potentially is to come?” Domenica said, hypothesising that Dan might be acting out ahead of what’s going to play out this season.

“Why would he be sticking the knife in now?”


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Domenica’s comments were in addition to Evelyn Ellis suggesting that Dan was also about to surprise everyone in the previous We’ve Done The MAFS podcast episode, which was recorded ahead of Dan’s villainous traits coming out this week.

In case you missed it, Dan slept with Sandy after telling the MAFS experts that he wasn’t “sexually attracted” to her. He then disappeared for hours on end and claimed that Sandy wasn’t “active” like him.

When Evelyn was asked to play “Fuck, Marry, Leave” and chose to leave Dan, she said “you’re just going to have to wait and see” for her reason why.


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“There’s a lot of twists and turns this season. The people that you’re like, ‘I love them’,  they are going to be the ones that are going to do the 360s,” Evelyn said.

Basically, it felt like she was setting up Dan’s villain era. In a trailer for tonight’s episode, you can see Evelyn visiting Sandy to tell her something.

When Evelyn was asked if she was going to be the centre of attention at an upcoming dinner party, she also teased that something big was coming.

“Honestly when this happened I don’t think me and production and any of the participants could actually believe that this actually happened,” Evelyn explained.

“I’m very proud that I stuck to my instincts at the time because with everything that’s come out in the press and in the media, it all makes sense. You guys will see. But I definitely hold the person accountable.”

Dom continued to say that Dan is “so not into” Sandy and that she “deserves so much better”. The Sit With Us podcast host also said that Dan ruining the ending isn’t fair on his MAFS wife.

“Going out and doing all these paparazzi shots, making yourself into whatever dipshit you want to show yourself as — you’re not only hurting the show, that you put all this time and energy [into]— you’re actually hurting the person that you went into this experiment with,” Domenica said.

“He’s not thinking about Sandy at all.”

As for whether or not Dan will be in trouble for breaching his contract, Domenica isn’t convinced anything will happen to him. She believes he might get cut off from doing all press — to be fair, I haven’t seen him on any radio shows or whatnot — and might get less airtime. If you think about it, before this week, we’d hardly seen any of Dan and Sandy.

“But they’re not going to do anything,” Domenica suggested. “I would love to see someone get sued but we’re not going to see that.”

“They won’t do that,” Sit With Us co-host and MAFS 2022 star Ella Ding added.

Whether anything happens with his contract or not, all I know is I’m READY for this week. Follow along with all the MAFS recaps in the meantime.

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