MAFS’ Collins Christian Is Getting Roasted By Fans After Releasing ‘Embarrassing’ Merch

MAFS Collins Christian and Natalie Parham

The Married At First Sight (MAFS) cast are desperately trying to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame, with groom Collins Christian releasing his own line of merch. 

He had barely any airtime this season, yet his catchphrases live rent-free in my mind. He exclaimed “What a day!” approximately five billion times during his stint on MAFS, and who could forget him describing his ‘wife’ Natalie Parham as a “top, top lady!” 

For any Collins fans out there – likely to be scarce, seeing as he only has 18K followers on Insta – he’s slapped his catchphrases on some t-shirts. So, if you’ve ever wanted to walk around with “what a day” on your chest, you’re in luck.

He shared the five simple designs on Instagram, saying: “‘WHAT A DAY’ MERCH IS OFFICIALLY LIVE!!!’ The phrase that has taken over your vocab is now available for shipping worldwide.”

The tees come in black, white or purple, and phrases he’s chosen include: “What a day”, “I just got married… What a day” and “She’s a Top, Top Lady”. There’s also a spoof on KFC, with Collins’ face on a bucket of CFC chicken. 

MAFS' Collins line of Married At First Sight themed t-shirts

These are top, top t-shirts. Image: The New Shirt Shop

The 100% cotton shirts are all $29.99 plus shipping, but the response has been lukewarm. 

“This is rather embarrassing,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Wonder if Jack is bringing out any ‘muzzle your woman’ merch,” another said. 

“What a joke, using the show for money and using your gross behaviour and putting it on a t-shirt,” a third added.

“Bro is broke,” a fourth commented, while another called him “desperate”. 

He did have some support, with our queen Lucinda Light wishing him the best. 

“Dude, that’s awesome!” fellow MAFS star Ben Walters added. 

Natalie Parham and Christian Collins on Married At First Sight

Collins and Natalie weren’t a good match. (Image: Nine)

MAFS’ Collins reveals how well sales are going 

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Collins said he was surprised by how well his merch had been selling. 

“It’s actually doing alright numbers – better than I thought,” he said. 

“I don’t know the exact number but the manufacturer tells me there are consistent orders which is pretty cool but also kinda heartwarming.”

The groom admitted that people come up to him often to say “What a day”, calling it “pretty cool” that his quote is now part of people’s vocab. 

It’s a pretty big feat to still be remembered after just a few episodes, I’ll give him that.