Welp, There It Is: Susie Finally Managed To Break Billy On ‘MAFS’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In another astounding success for the highly scientific matchmaking properties of The Experiment, yet another couple on Married at First Sight has had a huge blow up on the show. Tonight’s episode saw the already shaky relationship between Billy and Susie deteriorate to the point that Billy, in his gentle fashion, essentially told Susie to get stuffed before storming off.

[jwplayer y3APynMc]

In the wake of Ines leaving the show, the producers set their eye on Susie as the new villain for the show, a role she slotted into very convincingly. It wasn’t long until she was shown berating Billy for not having any balls (her words) and letting him know that he wasn’t as big as the guys she’s usually into. Lovely!

This week Billy had been staying with Susie’s family in beautiful Queensland and, apparently, he was slowly being driven insane. Despite the best efforts of Susie’s friends to convince Billy that her being extraordinarily mean all the time was just a fun quirk of her personality, Billy decided enough was enough.

Confronting her with as much dignity as you can possibly muster while wearing jorts, Billy told her he was done. “You know what, that’s your problem Susie. You don’t listen to anyone and you surround yourself with people who dilute you,” Billy said. “That’s why you have a bad attitude and bad behaviour and that’s why you will not find a nice man. I’m trying to help you, my dear, but you’re a brat.

Beauty is only skin deep. Someday you’re not gonna look as good as you look right now and then what? What do you have? Let me just say something before I go, you and me are done, completely over, and it makes me extremely happy to say so. This experience has been one of the worst of my life.

Well, sure. Unfortunately, his attempt to dramatically leave was undermined by the fact that he had left something in the cupboard and hat to return after storming out.

You can watch the exchange below: