Something strange happened on Married At First Sight, tonight. The experts – well, John Aiken actually called out a contestant for being toxic as hell. Susie, the new Ines, is wasting no time cementing her place as MAFS’ new villain but HECK, John’s had enough of it.

In short, Susie and her hubs Billy – bit of a Bronson – sat down on the commitment ceremony couch to chat about their new relationship.

“She’s told me she goes for bigger guys and I’m too small,” Billy says. “That I have no balls.” 

Susie doesn’t deny this. She very much owns it. She also likes to throw a condescending “darling” out there to Billy. AND, Susie likes to call being a shit person “assertive” and “full on” and hates that Billy is “too much of a sweetheart.” 


“I’m gonna jump in. Because I can’t just sit here anymore and hear the way you talk,” John says, looking very done. “It’s doing my head in.” 

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“It’s a problem you don’t know how you’re contributing to this issue,” he continues.

Susie, in a very Ines way, says “I’m contributing by being myself and Billy and I don’t like each other, it would appear.” 

To this, John just says “No.” 

Then he bloody leans back, says the very expert-y words of “Let me give you some feedback” and unleashes.

“Do you think that you’re better than Billy? Because you talk as if you do see yourself as being better than Billy. Here’s what it sounds like, ‘you’re not a man’,” John says and counts off all of Susie’s delightful words about Billy on his fingers. “‘You’ve got no balls’, ‘Use your big boy voice’. That is contempt that you’re from a level above talking down to him. When you do that, it destroys the bond in the relationship, do you understand that? Cruel put downs, eye rolling, that’s contempt and that’s what you do.”


Sensing that Susie is about to chuck a tanty, John says more kindly, “What I’m saying is, what I’m seeing in front of me needs to be called out.”


Susie doesn’t have enough Instagram followers yet, so she chooses to stay.

Good stuff.