Ines Basic might be ancient Married At First Sight (MAFS) history but her evil spirit has been reincarnated into the show’s new villain, Susie Bradley.

The 25-year-old is being dubbed the new Ines after a brutal episode where she rips into husband Billy Vincent for being “too small” and “not a man”.

Her behaviour was so bad, in fact, that relationship expert John Aitken was forced to intervene and call her out on her “toxic” behaviour towards Billy, saying: “It’s doing my head in.”

When the unfortunate pairing first sat before the experts, Mel Schilling asked Vincent what “hurtful” things his wife had said to him during the week.

“She’s told me that she goes for bigger guys and I’m too small, that I have no balls, I’m strange and that I’m not a man,” he revealed.

“I know when someone is going out of their way to hurt me,” he added.

Fans have taken to Twitter to slam Bradley for her “toxic” and “abusive” behaviour towards her groom.