Even The Americans Are Grossed Out By This Racist Term Used On MAFS AU So That’s A Sign To Stop

Married At First Sight Australia has been doing the rounds overseas. While the Brits are big fans of the show and are now up to date with the 2023 season, the Americans are slowly tuning in. On Thursday, a shocked Yanks took to Reddit to call out a racial term that is thrown around willy-nilly in MAFS Season Six.

“I’m from the US and we keep hearing this phrase being used in Season Six,” the user wrote, referring to the term “Chinese whispers” which is used to refer to information being passed on from one person to another, and often distorted along the way.

“To me, that’s a pretty nasty racial slur,” the Reddit user added.

“Is this phrase common in Australia? I was pretty shocked. We always called it the ‘telephone game’.”

A bunch of Aussie and Kiwi Redditors chimed in with mixed feelings about the slur. Some believed that it was offensive, and others thought it was another example of our culture becoming too woke.

“It’s super common in Australia and in NZ. It’s even used casually in the workplace,” one user wrote.

“It depends on where you’re from on what the game is called. Some countries call it Russian scandal and some places in France call it Arabic telephone,” another said. 

“Jesus, Americans take everything so personally. It’s not a racial slur, not everything is a racial attack upon someone. Chill out a bit,” a user stated.

Look, a quick Google search will tell you that the origins of the term “Chinese whispers” stems from the idea that Chinese people spoke in a way that was deliberately hard to understand. It implies that the Chinese language is associated with being incomprehensible, confusing, and disorganised, just like the transmission of information in the kid’s game of the same.

The thing is, there are plenty of other names that describe the game without tying it to ethnicity and making other people feel like shit for no reason. And honestly, if the Yanks are calling us out, take that as a sign we’ve gone too far

Despite the Aussie Married At First Sight contestants using outdated terms on the show, Americans are frothing over MAFS AU. It is a pretty different ballgame to the American version of the show. In the States, the series follows weddings that are legally binding, which means the experts are truly dedicated to helping couples find everlasting love.


No wonder they’re tuning into the drama-laden Aussie series, which has enough tea in one dinner party to really give the Americans a real kick. And in case you’ve blocked it out Season Six is the one with memorable characters Martha Kalifatidis, Michael Brunelli, Cam Merchant, Jules Robinson, Jessika Power, Elizabeth Sobinoff, and Cyrell Paule.

To relive the magic, go catch all the bonkers yet iconic episodes of MAFS Season Six (and all other seasons!) via 9Now.