Selina Said Sorry To Dom After Cody’s MAFS Behaviour ‘Cos Women Still Have To Fix Men’s Shit

UPDATE: In the final MAFS dinner date Cody did give his own apology to Dom: you can read all about it in PEDESTRIAN.TV’s recap here.

ORIGINAL: Selina has revealed that she apologised to Domenica for her husband Cody’s shitty behaviour during all the gross OnlyFans drama on MAFS. Classic stuff here: woman feels the need to apologise for her husband’s man-child bullshit.

Selina revealed all this in an interview with The Adelaide Advertiser. As a refresher, Olivia got a fuck-ton of (deserved) criticism after allegedly sharing a pic from Dom’s OnlyFans account to other MAFS brides.

But it was actually Cody who decided to mention the picture to Dom at the dinner party.

“Dom, I hate to bring it up,” he said while actively choosing to bring it up.

“We’ve all seen a picture of you pretty much naked on the couch. It is an OnlyFans thing that got spread out. Does Jack know that you had an OnlyFans account?”

Selina told The Advertiser that while she was sent the picture of Dom, she didn’t forward it to anyone. Essentially she said there was so much drama going in her own relo that she didn’t really get involved with the group beef.

“I have never been involved in the group drama from the beginning … It is quite evident I have my own drama going on in my relationship,” said Selina.

I mean fair, dealing with Cody’s Batman sheets, gross watermelon picture and weird swamp-monster-based pranks would be bad enough.

According to Selina, she actually had planned to pull Dom aside one-on-one at the dinner party and tell her about the pic. But Cody got there first.

“He took it upon himself to bring it up in the worst way possible,” she said.

“I apologised to Dom on and off camera.”

It really shouldn’t be on Selina to have to apologise for Cody’s behaviour. I mean, did it occur to Cody that he should apologise to Dom?

While I’m glad to hear that Selina reached out to Dom, it’s shit that she had to do so on behalf of her husband.

More accountability from men for their gross behaviour please!

MAFS continues on Sunday night at 7:30pm on Nine.