Macaulay Culkin’s Back & He Just Dragged The ‘Home Alone’ Movie

If you haven’t seen Home Alone before, you’re living in a dark hole. It’s probably one of the most iconic childhood films going around and the one film (along with the Grinch) that we’ll always turn to come Christmas time. It’s main star, Macaulay Culkin went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss life, the very sweet project he’s doing now, and of course Home Alone and it’s many conspiracy theories.

Macaulay kinda dropped off the radar for bit doing his own thing and battling his demons but he’s back now and it looks like he’s doing really well again.

Also, he kinda destroyed the Home Alone plot but let’s get to all the weird Macaulay and Home Alone theories first.

As you probably remember throughout your childhoods and adolescence, there have been loads of hoaxes surrounding Macaulay and his mortality. Apparently, he ‘dies’ once or twice a year.

“The first time it happened it was my lawyer who called me up. And he said – I was fifteen, sixteen – and he says, ‘Hey Mac, is this you?’ and I go ‘yeah’ and he goes, ‘Oh, okay just checking ‘cos CNN said you were dead. Okay bye’.” 

Poor Mac.

There have also been a helluva lot of conspiracy theories about Home Alone mostly because Macaulay really did drop off the radar. One of them explained how Kevin McCallister (the main kid from Home Alone) grew up to be Jig Saw from Saw. 

You know, this guy:


The correlation? I have no idea.

There’s also this really big and rather random one that people are hardcore into. So, conspiracy-theorist believe the Elvis Presley was an extra in Home Alone. Let that sink in.

So in the scene where Catherine O’Hara AKA Kevin’s mum is at the airport trying to get a plane ticket home, there’s a dude in the background who these conspiracy-theorists believe to be Elvis Presley.

Here’s the shot from the interview:

Okay… That’s enough conspiracy theories for today.

Jimmy then asked if there was anything Macaulay would have changed about Home Alone and he pretty much cancels the entire movie by saying:

“This kid’s a really clever kid right? Like these guys are about to break in, why didn’t he just call the cops? He made a master plan but for real, there’s a landline – there are no cellphones but still, I think that’s the only thing that is an enormous plot hole.” 


Anyway, the real reason Macaulay’s on the show is to promote his podcast and website – Bunny Ears AKA Macaulay Culkin’s gentle internet hug. Macaulay describes it as, “goop meets the onion” AKA The Beetoota Advocate for us Aussies. You can view the website here, and honestly, it will make you giggle.

Afterwards, Macaulay and Jimmy put on bunny ears and it’s very wholesome, mostly because everyone is very glad to see Macaulay doing well again.

You can watch the full interview here: