Lucy Hale Reveals Her Batshit Pimple-Popping Method & BRB While We Try It

Since the dawn of time humans have been developing vast methods to combat their acne. Some splurge out and buy super exxy products, others believe toothpaste is the way to go and some use laser surgery to zap those fuckers off. Well, Lucy Hale has her own unique method and she’s taken to her Instagram Story to clue us in on her odd but intriguing secret.

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 “Icing zits w Red Bull before bed,” she captioned an image where she can be seen in bed holding an ice cold Red Bull can to her zit, adding, “Try it. Love It.”

Credit: Instagram

Well… that’s one way to do it.

Hale has been v. vocal about her struggle with acne for years. Last year she told Byrdie that she’s tried a bucket load of tricks to cleanse her skin.

“The day I turned 21, my skin just went nuts,” she said, revealing that her method involves multiple steps including “a ton of serums” and routine facials.

There was no mention of the energy drink, however. This must be a new method that the Pretty Little Liars star has developed.

You do you, boo. You do you.