The Aussie ‘Love Island’ Cast Is Here, But The Blokes Forgot Their Shirts

It’s truly hard to believe that in this era of peak reality TV trash, it’s taken such a long time for Australia to get on board with the shameless smang-fest that is Love Island, but it’s all going to be okay, because our local version of the show is premiering very, very soon.

Love Island Australia kicks off on Sunday May 27, and it sounds like we’re in for a wild bloody ride, as ten hapless and extremely fit single people are dumped in a villa in MallorcaSpain and encouraged to pair off with one another for our collective amusement.

The producers of the show searched tirelessly for the fittest rigs from the most reality TV-friendly fields, and this is the cast they came up with:

From left to right in the above image, we have:

  • Natasha, 24, Beauty Salon Owner from Perth
  • Tayla, 21, Beauty Queen from Perth
  • Erin, 23, Nurse from Melbourne
  • Cassidy, Bartender, 23, from Melbourne
  • Millie, 24, Doggy Daycare Worker from Sydney
  • Charlie, 22, International Rugby Player from Sydney
  • Eden, 25, Prison Officer from Sydney
  • Justin, 27, International Model from Melbourne
  • Grant, 22, Electrician from Canberra
  • Josh, 25, Sports Administrator from Sydney

You all know how this works, but per the official ‘plot’ description:

They are all hoping to find romance, passion and hopefully the one. The Islanders immediately ‘couple up’ and share a bed with each other, resulting in either a recipe for disaster, or a saucy dish full of sugar and spice. But don’t think for a minute they can get too comfortable, with new Islanders regularly entering the villa to test all the relationships.

Screening Sunday to Thursday, each episode will air within 24 hours of being filmed, and fans / gawkers will be able to get amongst it via the official Love Island Australia app to save their faves and dump the duds. The games begin on May 27 at 8.30pm on 9Go! and 9Now.