ITV Studios Australia has denied allegations made on The Kyle & Jackie O Show that the thrush and gastro outbreak on a local dating show occurred on upcoming series Grown Up Love.

ICYMI: The Daily Telegraph reported that the cast and crew of the unnamed show passed around a nasty case of gastroenteritis, which was then followed by thrush.

Representatives for Love Island, The Real Love Boat, Beauty and the Geek and Heartbreak Island all released statements confirming this rumour was not associated with their shows.

Then, this morning on the controversial radio program, an anonymous caller claimed to know which show it was.

“The thrush outbreak was on a new show called Grown Up Love,” the tipster said, adding that the show is being filmed “out of Sydney at the moment by ITV Studios”.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to ITV Studios for a statement and they denied the allegations.

“We categorically deny any such outbreak that has been reported for the production of Grown Up Love,” ITV Studios Australia CEO and Managing Director David Mott said.

“The safety and wellbeing of all of our cast and crew is paramount and we are on track with a brilliant series with everyone in good health.”

Grown Up Love is an upcoming series starring single parents aged between 40 and 60 years old who are on the hunt for love.

It will be hosted by The Project co-host Kate Langbroek.

According to The Daily Telegraph, tensions on the set of the mysterious show became very high when those being treated for thrush were told to avoid alcohol.

Beauty and the Geek is currently airing on Nine. Love Island Australia is hitting our screens in late 2022. Heartbreak Island and The Real Love Boat have no release date as of yet.