Love Island Australia season 3 is officially in full swing and we’ve finally been introduced to all the guys and gals vying for love (and Instagram followers) in the Byron Bay Villa.

Among the list of contestants is Ryan Reid, a 25-year-old carpenter from Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW.

During last night’s ep, the strapping lad made the bewildering revelation that he’s supposedly slept with around 500 people (!!!).

Ryan Reid in Love Island Australia

Weird flex, but ok. (Credit: Love Island Australia)

His excuse for the extremely large number of bangs? “I travelled a lot.” Ah, yeah, righto. Look, same, bestie. But I hit up tourist destinations, not… tourists.

That being said, he is ridiculously more attractive than I am, but still… something’s not quite right here.

Love Island stans have taken to Twitter to call bullshit on old mate’s claims.

While other Love Island fans have pointed out that even if it is true, it’s… not quite the serve he probably thought it was.

If ya wanna catch Ryan in all his sexual glory and decide for yourself whether he’s legit or not, Love Island Australia season 3 airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Channel 9 and 9Now.