Love Island Australia 2021 is officially in full swing and we’ve been introduced to all the guys and gals who have entered the Villa for season 3 of the banter-filled reality show.

Due to COVID restrictions, the hot as hell peeps were sent to Byron, rather than overseas, in search of not just love, but the $50,000 prize money as well (not to mention reality TV fame / Instagram followers).

Let’s have a sneaky stalk of their Instagram pages, shall we?

Jessica Velkovski, 23

Town: Cronulla, NSW.

Insta: @jessvelkovski

First up we’ve got Jessica Velkovski who bloody loves a bikini snap, so she’ll fit into the Byron Bay Villa juuuust fiiiiine.

“I feel like when I walk into a room I am the brightest light in the room and I don’t even try. A lot of people don’t like that,” Jessica says.

“I can’t dim my light and I feel like in the past I’ve had to dim my light.”

Apparently she’s nicknamed ‘The Intimidation,’ and I’m sure you can guess why.

Chris Graudins, 25

Town: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Insta: @chrisgraudins

Next up is a strapping bloke by the name of Chris Graudins, who appears to live at the gym.

Chris is an ex-army and now riot squad officer who reckons “being good-looking is a curse.”

“I’d rate myself out of 10,” he said. “For looks, I’d go a nine out of 10. For personality, I’d go an easy 14. Easy.”

Good to know!

Rachael Evren, 21

Town: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Insta: @rachael_evren

The third contestant is Rachael Evren, who also hails from the Gold Coast.

She describes herself as a hot geek, as she’s a ‘yuge fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel. Apparently she even owns nerdy merch like lightsabers and we bloody love this Beauty & The Geek crossover.

“I need someone who’s kind of a little dorky like me. I’m not attracted to alpha males. I feel like I clash with them too much,” she said.

She’s also a pilates instructor and boasts 30k followers on Insta and 320k on TikTok, so she’s already got a head-start on the influencer trail.

Taku Chimwaza, 24

Town: Shoalhaven, NSW.

Insta: @taku.chimwaza

Meet rugby legend Taku Chumwaza.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Taku came to Australia 10 years ago to pursue his rugby dreams and currently plays for Shoalhaven Rugby Club in NSW. He’s also been working in hospo at a café for the past six years.

Here’s a fun fact that I rather enjoyed: “I have about 180 fragrances at home,” Taku said. “My dad always smelt good. I started to collect the fragrances in the first lockdown, and I got about 30 or 40, and someone said you should start your own YouTube channel.”

Athletic? Knows how to make a good coffee? Smells good? He’s a definite contender for that prize money!

Ryan Reid, 25

Town: Terrigal, NSW.

Insta: @iamryanreid

Next up is Ryan Reid, a carpenter from the Central Coast.

His ‘gram is filled with shirtless snaps in which he showcases his *chef’s kiss* bod.

During his Love Island Australia interview, he said: “I know my value and what I’m worth. I know what another person is worth. We are all worth a million dollars.”

He also claims to know his sexual value, but that’s a tale for another time.

Ronni Krongold, 21

Town: Bondi, NSW.

Insta: @ronni_krongold1

Hailing from Bondi, Ronni Krongold is a personal trainer who claims to go on roughly three dates a week. Dayum.

He is keen to go on as many “exotic dates” in the Love Island Villa as he can.

Jordan Tilli, 28

Town: Melbourne, VIC.

Insta: @jordytilli

The oldest and wisest bloke in the Villa, Jordan Tilli is a business development manager who used to work as a stripper on a hens’ night river cruise in Melbourne.

Discussing his dating history, he said: “I go in real heavy really quickly and then it fizzles out afterwards, and not always from my end.”

I can’t tell if that’s an innuendo, or…

Aaron Waters, 24

Town: Perth, WA.

Insta: @aaronwaters_

Aaron Waters is a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” who loves footy, surfing and basketball.

His resume is rather intriguing, featuring NBN and a successful modelling career.

Ari Kumar

Town: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Insta: @ari.kuma

Ari Kumar is Fijian/Indian born and raised in New Zealand, and describes herself as “independent, strong, and says what she thinks.”

This gorg gal hails from the GC and works as a web content publisher.

Lexy Thornberry, 20

Insta: @lexythornberry

 Lexy Thornberry has the ability to communicate with animals and has a pet talking monkey- oh wait, that’s Eliza Thornberry.

This Thornberry is a former champion athlete, especially in the throwing events, who once made it to the national finals. She’s now studying exercise science at university.

Tina Provis, 25

Town: Sydney, NSW.

Insta: @tinaprovis

Tina Provis is a Sydney PR queen who’s “always the life of the party.”

“I think my disastrous dating history has been comic relief for most of my friends,” she says, and honestly, same.

Courtney Stubbs, 23

Town: Gold Coast, QLD.

Insta: @_courtneystubbs

Courtney Stubbs is a self-proclaimed chatty Cathy who has lotsa guy friends.

She’s almost finished her degree and is looking forward to working as a qualified nurse.

Love Island season three airs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Channel 9 and 9Now.