‘Lord Of The Rings’ Cast, Feat. Orlando Bloom & Ian McKellen, Reunite For Charity Zoom Call

The blessed OG Lord of the Rings cast have virtually reunited in the name of charity for a fundraising Zoom call. And yes, it was precious.

Josh Gad, host of Reunited Apart, the series which brings together former cast members to raise funds for charity, rounded up the Middle-earth troupe for “One Zoom to Rule Them All”.

Sean Astin, Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen and gang all virtually chimed in to say g’day, and, I can assure you, the immediate camaraderie amongst the former cast members will instantly teleport you back to 2001.

The cast reenacted a couple of iconic scenes from the trilogy in a super low-key format, which included Andy Serkis‘ still-impeccable (and still-haunting) Gollum voice and a mini-monologue from Sir Ian McKellen, spouting the words “Gandalf the gay”.

They also paid tribute to the cast’s dialect coach Andrew Jack – responsible for teaching them Elvish – who passed away from COVID-19.

The reunion took place in an effort to raise money for No Kid Hungry, an organisation working to end child hunger in the US.

Check out the 50 minutes of pure nostalgia below.