Lindsay Lohan Has Become “Stalkerish” About Making ‘Mean Girls 2’ Happen

When we last heard from Lindsay Lohan, she was hitting up Lisa Kudrow about the possibility of doing a third season of The Comeback together. While we’d watch the absolute shit out of that, it seems that our girl has a lot of hypothetical irons in the hypothetical fire, and another of these is her ongoing quest to make Mean Girls 2 finally happen.

During a recent appearance on news and current affairs program The Wendy Williams Show, Linds discussed a wide range of topics, from her sexuality to her iconic Oprah Winfrey-produced reality show to the possibility of a Mean Girls sequel.

On that score, she said she is actively pestering Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, who also produced the film, about getting a new one off the ground. She said:

“I’ve harassed [him] so many times it’s becoming a bit stalkerish. I go to SNL when I’m in town. I go to Lorne. I run to [SNL writer and producer] Steve Higgins.”

Writer Tina Fey and the rest of the team are currently focused on the Mean Girls musical, which it set to begin Broadway previews in March before officially opening in April, but we doubt Lindsay Lohan will let any of that stand in her way.

Williams also asked Lohan if she considers herself “sexually fluid” because of that one time she dated Samantha Ronson, but she insisted that she is not, and when asked to further explain their relationship, she said only “I was living in LA.” Okay then.

She also revealed that her riveting 2014 flop of a reality show Lindsay was not quite as real as it was made out to be, with certain lines and scenarios being fed to performers for the sake of drama. She said:

“I remember the director they brought in kinda asked my dad to ad-lib a few lines. He was like, ‘I’m not doing that, she hears you anyway. She’s gonna know.’ So it became more of a scripted thing rather than…until Oprah came back, and then it was real, whenever she was around …”

Well we never.

You can watch Lindsay’s full appearance on Wendy Williams below: