Rachel McAdams Is Heaps Keen To See The New Regina George On Broadway

Here’s a fact that bears repeating, often: Mean Girls 2 exists. It is a real film. It came out in 2011. It currently has a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 32%. A critic’s score is unavailable, presumably due to the lack of reviewers game enough to catch a sequel whose only link to its classic predecessor was a return from the actor who played the principal.

Fortunately, the stage musical of Mean Girls is officially heading to Broadway, and Rachel McAdams – who dodged the sequel exactly like Regina George didn’t dodge carbs – is stoked Tina Fey’s masterpiece will have a shot at redemption.

Speaking to PEOPLE, McAdams said she’s massively keen to see the musical’s take – so much so that she’s vying for an invite to the production 13 years after she first portrayed George.

“I really hope I get an invitation,” she said. “I would love to see it. I’m so, so curious about it.”

As Taylor Louderman’s take on the role, McAdams evidently still feels a touch protective. The actor joked “I’ll be the understudy. I just hope Regina George never gets sick.”

Mean Girls will be hitting NYC in April next year. No word on whether Lindsay Lohan will cop one of those rumoured invites, too.