THE GRUELEST OF NEWS: The ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Nabs A Broadway Run

‘Fetch’ never happened, but the Mean Girls musical 100% is.

Tina Fey‘s musical has just gotten the Broadway confirm, and will finally be hitting NYC in April 2018, following its try-out run in Washington, D.C.. If you’ve got a New York trip coming up, better start working out who you’re going to mug for tickets.

Entertainment Weekly also gave us a first look at the musical, including plastics Regina George (Taylor Louderman, centre), Karen Smith (Kate Rockwell, left) and Gretchen Weiners (Ashley Park, right), whose father invented Toaster Strudel.

“I think fans will hopefully find that this has the DNA of the movie and is true to the spirit of it, but is also opened up in a lot of ways,” said Fey. “I feel like all the music in our show is very catchy — like, I feel like you will walk out humming several songs. The songs are what make the show.”

Honestly someone get us to NYC stat.