Wait, Does Lisa Kudrow Want Lindsay Lohan For New Eps Of ‘The Comeback’?

The Comeback is an underrated gem, and we would do pretty much anything to see more of Lisa Kudrow‘s Valerie Cherish making her clueless way through Hollywood. While we are probably still a very far way away from a third season actually happening, a conversation that Kudrow had earlier today on Twitter has given us a teeny, tiny ray of hope that we may see more Comeback in our lifetimes.

The whole thing started when comedian Billy Eichner tweeted: “Who can I pay to make another season of The Comeback where Valerie Cherish gets “political” and “woke”? Please. I’m begging you. I need it.” That seems like a solid idea, and we’d be right behind it, and Lindsay Lohan clearly felt the same way, as she wrote back “I’ll do it.”

That in itself is no big thing as Lindsay Lohan’s current modus operandi is to Tweet at everyone, all the time, shamelessly inviting BeyonceParis Hilton and Britney Spears to her birthday on Mykonos and hitting up Jennifer Lopez for a meeting in Dubai (“I live here but you don’t follow me so I can’t DM you” … girl, really?).

Today’s exchange was a little different, however, as Lisa Kudrow herself chimed in and responded “that’s interesting …” Those two words followed by an ellipsis could mean a lot of things, but clearly this whole thing has grabbed her attention and she’s at least considering bringing Emmy-winning actress Valerie Cherish back for another go-around.

Lohan herself is in need of a comeback – her flop Oprah-produced reality series from 2014 does not count – so the idea of her having a meta-comeback on The Comeback actually seems ingenious.

Both Sarah Paulson and Zach Braff are behind the idea, as they should be, and we are both nervous and excited to see where this #comebackseason3 train is headed.


Season one of The Comeback aired on HBO in 2005, and season two in 2014.