Lexi From ‘Cheer’ Is Back On The Navarro Team & I Cried Bc I’m Too Invested

The most tragic moment in Netflix’s documentary series Cheer had to be (aside from Sherbs hitting the floor in what is a TRUE CRIME CASE) Lexi Brumback, star tumbler and party girl made good, getting kicked off the Navarro College team due to an illicit substance incident.

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In case you missed that bit of Cheer, Lexi was easily one of the best on the Navarro team, nailing all her stunts with ease and doing it with a chill stoner attitude. But in the finale we find out Lexi has been removed from the cheerleading team due to being in a car that was pulled over by cops, who then found drugs in it.

Lexi said she ~took the fall~ for her friends, but regardless of whether she was guilty or not, the incident led to her losing a spot on the Navarro College team. We left Lexi in full party mode, out at festivals (and probably, tbh, just having normal college fun) while the rest of the gang were prepping for the next stage in their cheerleading careers.

Since the show started streaming, all I’ve done is follow the Cheer gang on their personal social media accounts. Morgan‘s loved up, Gabi seems to genuinely have moved back to her parents place, and Lexi was still in party mode.

Until the other day, she posted this:

Obviously I was like !!!!!!!!!! and also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we didn’t have any more info until yesterday, when Lexi confirmed what we were all hoping.

She’s back baby!!! Back on Navarro Cheer!

This is the revival story I needed in my day. Congrats Lexi, now don’t fuck it up.