Netflix’s cheerleading documentary series Cheer is really taking over the internet right now. As people start finishing their binge-watching, they’re also taking to social media to tell everyone that if Jerry doesn’t make mat, we riot.

Naturally, most reactions are “I knew nothing about cheerleading and now here I am at 3am praying that Morgan nails that tumble”, but there’s plenty of opinions on major characters, as well as what everyone’s going to do next (and what we will all do now the series is done).

We’ve rounded up the best for you.

1. Jerry, Be Our Hype Man?

2. And You, La’Darius.

^^^ that gif is me for 2020, by the way.

3. Someone Save Gabi Butler From Her Family

Plenty of fans are also shooketh over Gabi Butler’s chaotic parents who are absolutely loving the cash-in off her fame.

4. If Lexi Doesn’t Get Her Shit Together In 2020…

Plenty of support for Lexi – come on girl, you can get your shit together.

5. How Did Sherbs Fall: A True Crime Series

Plenty of energy around the CRIME OF THE CENTURY, when Sherbs was just dropped onto the ground after a lift. WHAT HAPPENED. WE MUST KNOW.

6. Point Your TOES, Morgan!!

We were ALL stressed as fuck about Daytona, obviously.

7. All Hail Alex The Alternate


8. Excuse Me, Yes I Am A Cheerleader Now

9. Also Just Some Random Ones That Killed Me

Netflix can you please just announce a season 2 of Cheer, I can’t take this DELAY ANY LONGER!