Yikes: Glamour UK Attributed Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s Quote To Halle Bailey And That’s… Not Good

Uh-oh. Glamour magazine in the UK has made a doozy of a mistake in an interview with The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey. In a write up celebrating her as one of the biggest Gen-Z game changers of the year, it accidentally used a quote from Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock which made it seem like Halle was announcing a pregnancy and marriage to her boyfriend Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr, known as DDG.


In the interview, Halle spoke about her childhood, her rise to fame and how she hopes to use her platform to inspire a new generation of powerful, tenacious women.

But according to Vulture, in the digital version of the interview – which has particularly poignant quotes in a larger and bolder font – one of Halle’s quotes had been replaced with another quote that was later revealed to be Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s from a similar feature she did with the magazine.

“Being a mum, being newly married – there’s the positive side of it, but also the negative. I want to show that although things might look perfect from the exterior, that’s not always the case,” it read.

Thankfully, the quote has now been changed to, “By just being ourselves in the industry, showing more people that our voices matter and that our beautiful skin deserves to be embraced, Black women are shifting the narrative.”

Considering that it just sat smack-bang in the middle of the interview, fans began to wonder if Halle was using this opportunity to announce that she was up the duff and she’d secretly tied the knot with her YouTuber boyfriend.

Halle Bailey DDG
(Image Source: Getty Images / Karwai Tang)

It’s particularly bad timing for the fuck up due to the pregnancy rumours that have been following Halle around since the beginning of October after she had been spotted wearing a heap of baggy outfits that don’t reveal her belly.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty shitty thing to speculate. Pregnancy is a super personal thing and I think letting mums just announce their pregnancy when they’re ready is the best action to take in 2023.

But also, what if girlie pop is just feeling more comfortable in less revealing clothing? I’m literally writing this article in a baggy shirt-jeans combo and I can assure you, I am not pregnant. Well, I hope not.

At the time of publishing, neither Glamour UK or Halle have acknowledged the mistake.