Kylie Jenner Announced Her Baby’s Name And The World Flipped Its Shit

In case you haven’t had a pair of eyes, ears or access to your phone for the last few days, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott officially welcomed their new baby daughter via a series of v cute and touching social media posts, sort of like how most parents nowadays do it.

After a whole heap of Twitter detectives believing she might name the baby Mariposa in relation to the butterfly aesthetic that both her and Travis are fans of, Kylie threw the world a curveball when she announced on Instagram that she’d be naming her daughter Stormi.

It’s not currently clear if the baby will take the last name of Jenner or Scott, but either way that’s a pretty bloody cute little bub.

But after keeping her fans in the dark for nine months with this extremely top secret pregnancy, everyone that’s been following the saga for months just HAD to let their feelings be known.

Some were frothing the name choice and others thought it was the worst thing they’ve ever heard… which I’m sure Kylie totally gives a shit about as she wraps her baby in the comfort of a $5000 Egyptian cotton blanket.

Congrats to Kylie and Travis on the successful birth of their beautiful baby. By the way, if you’re reading this I absolutely love the new baby name and you’re free to send me money whenever you like.