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Friends of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have provided some juicy deets to Daily Mail about why the couple split, blaming most of it on the athlete.

The informant denied reports they were breaking up due to Jay’s laziness, but rather it was because of his “rude” and “dismissive” attitude.

“Kristin never had an issue with Jay for being lazy, this wasn’t the problem at all. Those stories are all BS,” the source said.

“Kristin’s issue was how he behaved with her, their family, friends and fans. That was the problem that caused their marriage to shut down.

“He would be really rude and dismissive of anyone who would approach her.”

Another mate said the way Jay treated fans would often “embarrass” his missus.

“God help the fans who wanted a selfie or to say hi in a restaurant. He’d quickly shoo them away or roll his eyes to their face as they’d ask for a photograph,” revealed the friend.

“Kristin is smart and knows how important her fans are. She values their support and is beyond grateful for them. Jay simply had no time or tolerance for them and this would embarrass her.”

Cutler’s former Broncos teammate Champ Bailey once called him a “jerk” during an interview, saying: “Absolutely. And it’s not just the guys in the locker room. He rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

“Certain teammates, you know, like maybe a backup quarterback… didn’t like him. Other guys that were on the roster at the time. Guys that really have nothing good to say about him.”

An insider said Cavallari “found that the perception of him as an NFL player, wasn’t a perception at all.”

They added: “It was how he acted throughout their entire marriage and that’s what caused it to end. Once a jerk, always a jerk.”

The pair’s currently in the midst of a messy divorce.