Fans Call BS On Jay Cutler’s Mother’s Day IG Tribute To Kristin Cavallari Amid Messy Divorce

It’s the morning of confusing Instagram posts: First, Iggy Azalea confuddles fans by breaking her IG silence after reportedly giving birth.

Now, there’s some weird shit going on with exes Kristin Cavillari and Jay Cutler.

Cutler’s Instagram shared a Mother’s Day post, featuring a pic of his ex with their three children.

“Happy Mother’s day to all the moms,” the caption read. “These 3 little ones picked a good one.”

The fashion mogul responded with a red heart emoji.

Now here’s where the whole thing gets suss, back in 2018, Cavallari admitted that she owned Jay’s Insta (hence why it’s called If Jay Had Instagram).

In an IG comment at the time, she wrote: “I think there needs to be a little clarification on Jay’s Instagram.

“It’s not him running it. It’s me. It’s what Jay would have if he had Instagram.”

Since this is a known fact, fans are questioning whether Jay now has control of his own Insta and made the post of his own volition, or if his ex posted the pic on his behalf as she always does.

People are particularly confused because leaked court docs have shown that Jay and Kristin are in the midst of a brutal divorce, so the lovey-dovey post seems very out of character.

“This is really gross,” one follower wrote on the pic. “If Jay had instagram he wouldn’t post this. Tell you media team this post is insensitive and disrespectful to Jay.”

“YOU WONT FOOL US KRISTIN,” wrote another.

“Kristin, babe. We know you run this account. Happy Mother’s Day though,” added another follower.

There are dozens of similar comments on the post but neither Jay nor Kristin have confirmed which spouse shared it.