Kim Kardashian Graced The World With One Last Nip Slip For Christmas

Look, it just wouldn’t be right to see out 2018 without just one more fleeting glimpse at Kim Kardashian West’s nipple as it bursts from her v. sexy and v. low outfits. And a nip slip is bound to happen when one wears such an outfit while sledding down a snowy hill.

[jwplayer KuvqrAX2]

Seriously, I went sledding for the first time last year with both the girls well and truly strapped in, but it was such a wild ride I was still concerned for them under 4 layers of clothing.

New footage has emerged showing Kimmy on a sled with old buddy Paris Hilton, who is apparently still a thing – or at least trying to make herself a thing again – at the annual Kardashian Jenner West Christmas Eve party. Because there’s totally media at my family parties too, guys.

This nip slip joins such public boob appearances as that little boob drop on the red carpet, that sparkly glad wrap dress, and many, many naked photoshoots.

Hubby Kanye West certainly enjoyed the show, running up to her wife during an interview post ride and getting all giggly over the mother of his children like a school boy who has only just discovered what a boob is. It’s actually kind of sweet?

He jokes that the interviewer should ask her “a ridiculous question” as he looks under Kim K’s furry coat to check the girls are back in place. Frankly, as the interview asks Ye his thoughts on the Chrissie party he seems pleased as punch about the whole thing.

I was waiting for the nip slip, and now I’m satisfied.

Same Kanye, same. Here’s to many more appearances by Kardashian nipples in 2019, because love ’em or hate ’em you know they’re not going anywhere soon so you may as well just embrace them.

You can cop the full vid here for your voyeuristic pleasures.