Kim Kardashian Gets Naked Again, This Time For Richardson Magazine

Kim Kardashian Strips Off To Mark 20th Anniversary of Richardson Magazine

Another day, another naked picture of Kim Kardashian. And frankly at this point, why the hell not. I’m not even a follower of the Kardashians and I still don’t really understand why they’re famous, but lady’s got a bod and everyone keeps reading about it, so why shouldn’t she show it off?

Honestly, if I ever worked hard enough at the gym to have even the hint of a six pack I probably would never wear a shirt either. Like, not even at the office. Because otherwise what was the effort for?

Her latest racy photoshoot with photographer Steven Klein was to mark the 20th anniversary of Richardson magazine, founded as a “radical independent magazine focused on sex and sexuality”. Which I get is named after the man who started it and fashion guru Andrew Richardson. But I don’t know, seems like a real anti-climax of a name for such a magazine to me, but whatever.

She’s certainly not the first famous…ah…face…to grace the magazine, with the likes of Sasha Grey, Jenna Jameson and Black Chyna having previously posed.

Here she is on the cover in all her glory.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Richardson said he met Kim through hubby Kanye, leading to the most challenging shoot the magazine had done.

I basically was working with Kanye on a couple of projects, so I had met with Kim … That was about a year and a half ago. A lot of energy went into getting it to work and making it happen. It was very cool, but logistically probably more challenging than anything we’d done before.”

Kim K diehards will actually remember an interview she did with Jimmy Kimmel back in May, when she spoke of the moment she found out her campaigning for 63-year-old grandmother Alice Johnson, who was serving a lifetime prison sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offence, resulted in Donald Trump granting clemency.

I was at a Steven Klein photo shoot. And if anyone knows who he is, it’s pretty much a nude shoot. So, I’m naked, and my phone rings and I’m all glammed up . . . I put a robe on [when talking to Trump].

I didn’t know that I was the first person telling her,” she continued, after explaining she had called Johnson straight after receiving the good news. “So I broke the news to her, and [she] was just crying. And I was at this photo shoot, just trying not to cry my makeup off. It was really emotional.

So yep, Kim was naked for this very photoshoot when talking to Trump and spreading good news to Johnson.