Christmas cards and family holiday photos are normally unbearable because they’re unbelievably cheesy and everyone’s wearing mangy old Santa hats and the photographer makes you smile (“No, bigger – a real smile!”) and everything is terrible. 

The Kardashian-West’s don’t have that problem this year, because their family photo for the holiday period has been released and it is… different. 

Kim & Kanye’s Xmas Fam Photo Is Literally The Exact Opposite Of ‘Merry’

Look closer:

Kim & Kanye’s Xmas Fam Photo Is Literally The Exact Opposite Of ‘Merry’

Here are the points of difference, in no particular order but take this list as you will:

1. Why is the photo shot on like, 90s Kodak film that’s been sitting in a hot car? It’s so blurry. Is it blurry on purpose? Does blurry hide sad? 

2. Oh god, why is everyone just so, so, unbelievably sad?

Like, we get why Kim & Kanye look miserly – it’s been a tough year (See HERE and HERE) – but shitting hell, why are their kids, North and Saint, so miserable at Christmas?

The iconic fam is doing their very best to smile through the absolute shite that was 2016, but those deer-in-the-headlights facial expressions are giving all their feelings away. 

Even that delightfully big, festive, warm Christmas tree is doing absolutely nothing for their holiday spirit.

We’re happy to see the back of 2016 for many reasons, but we reckon the Kardashian-West‘s hatred for this year makes ours pale in comparison. PALER than this damn photo. 

EDIT: While writing this article, Kanye West deleted the OG tweet, and replaced it with the same photo, with the photo’s contrast slightly corrected. 


Source / Photo: Twitter / @kanyewest.