Kayla Itsines’ Engagement Was So Extra Fans Mistook It For A Secret Wedding

kayla itsines engagement

It looks like Insta fitness guru Kayla Itsines is set for another bumper year. After announcing her first pregnancy in December last year, the Bikini Body Guide creator, who’s valued at a cool $423 million, has dropped another bomb via her platform of choice: she’s engaged to boyfriend Tobi Pearce.

Only her engagement party was so extra – and so replete with white dress and white-themed everything – that a bunch of fans were pretty sure they were seeing a secret wedding rather than just an engagement.

Which would have been wild, considering that it was a SURPRISE party – imagine getting your own wedding sprung on you?

Her Insta caption revealed the surprise:

I still cannot believe it. @tobi_pearce , my gorgeous fiancé – thank you again for everything!! To my family and friends and everyone who came and helped put this together, you are AMAZING!! I honestly thought, knowing Tobi, I was walking into a family baby shower or something, I had no idea it would be this???????? What a night to remember ???? I already can’t wait to show baby Muffin this video of her incredible Dad.. she’s going to LOVE IT!!

But it is indeed only (“only”) an engagement party of the most lavish kind. White roses, a shitload of candles, several giant sculptures spelling out the couple’s last name, a gauzy marquee… you know, engagement things.

Bless ’em, though, the pair look like they’re at the absolute peak of happiness, and so they should. Their fitness empire appears unshakeable, they’re due to have their first kid (a girl) in a few months, and according to Pearce’s Instagram, they’ll be married next year. Mazel tov, you unfairly beautiful people! Also Kayla real talk where’s that dress from, damn.

Cop a look at the video and pics from the event below via Itsines’ Instagram:


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