How Kayla Itsines & The Sweat App Trainers Changed The Fit Tech Biz

kayla itsines

The rise of fitness apps has shaped the way we look at exercise in a broader sense. Encompassing workouts, nutrition advice, water intake reminders and more, apps are increasingly making their way into the exercise routines of Aussies at all levels of fitness.

Launched as an app in May this year by Tobi Pearce, SWEAT features programs from fitrepreneur Kayla Itsines, yoga goddess Sjana Elise Earp, and Insta-famous trainer Kelsey Wells. As well as managing their own fitness empires, the girls have teamed up with Pearce to provide an all-encompassing app that has made headlines for creating a space dedicated to inspiring, helping and training women on their fitness journeys. We had a chat with them about their thoughts on how social media and tech has changed the fitness game.

P.TV: You all have your own fitness empires and social following. How did you actually meet and why did you want to join forces for SWEAT?

KAYLA ITSINES: Long before SWEAT started, I was following both Kelsey and Sjana on social media! They are both so passionate and both believe that health and fitness is about so much more than just the physical aspect, and I think that’s what helps us all work together so well.

KELSEY WELLS: I actually first found Kayla like so many others via Instagram – her BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program is what first got me into fitness! I always loved her and admired her for that, but as soon as we started talking I realised “wow, this girl is amazing and super down to earth.” We hit it off and have been friends every since.

SJANA ELISE EARP: My first official time meeting the girls was through SWEAT and it was extremely exciting to say the least! I had known of the girls for a long time and adored everything they stand for; their goals, mission and ethos.

P.TV: Fitness tech is now a part of everyday life. Do you think this helps or hinders people wanting to exercise? 

KELSEY WELLS: I think the incredible technology we have these days is absolutely helping! I’m so thrilled to see such incredible prominent companies being passionate about the health and fitness space and using their technology to help people be more active.

KAYLA ITSINES: From my perspective, it has helped immensely! The SWEAT app is like having a trainer with you ALL the time, so you can work out when you want, you can choose the program that suits you and the app can help you to track your progress.

SJANA ELISE EARP: I think technology is a very powerful tool. It has the ability to be both a blessing or a curse, depending on how an individual chooses to use it. For some, it is a means of making health, fitness and general well being a much more accessible, portable and doable thing.

P.TV: What do you love about SWEAT and do you think it’s changed the fitness app landscape?

SJANA ELISE EARP: I love that the app is more than an app. It is a community of inspiring and beautiful women, all working alongside one another to achieve their fitness, health and happiness goals. Also it has changed the fitness app landscape because it is now all-encompassing.

KELSEY WELLS: I love that it is a platform that offers something for every woman regardless of where they are on their fitness journey or what style of training they prefer. I also love how it has everything you need in one place – from meal plans to workouts to water, step tracking and music.

KAYLA ITSINES: I love the flexibility that it offers! It gives you all of the tools you need for health and wellness: workouts, rehabilitation, nutrition, mindset, challenges and rest. The SWEAT trainers are all experts in their field, and we’re part of a global platform that is dedicated to helping women shape their best lives.