This Noice, Different, Unusual Brand Is Fanging Kath & Kim Xmas Decorations To Tizz Up Yr Tree

Iso certainly has piqued our interest in home design, hasn’t it? So with the silly season upon us, your run-of-the-mill Christmas decorations ain’t gonna cut it. Nup. This year, we’re looking for noice, different and unusual shit to deck the halls with, and I’ve found the perfect items via the blessed Kath & Kim FB group that I’m a proud member of.

Local designer Spritzer is fanging a set of six Kath & Kim themed baubles to tizz up your Chrissy tree. ‘YUGE.

The noice balls feature a bunch of iconic Kath & Kim words and phrases including ‘hornbag’, ‘blow it out your arse’ and ‘noice, different, unusual’, along with a piccy of Sharon Strzelecki giving a thumbs up, Kath smoking in the lawn chair and Kath and Kel power walking.

They’re up for grabs in excrements of $40.

Credit: Spritzer.

Head here to get your bear oven mitts on them.

Looking for a Kris Kringle gift? Well look no further ‘cos they’re also fanging a bunch of Kath & Kim phone cases and pls excuse me while I literally purchase each one to change over, depending on my mood (which has been foul at this late stage).

A personal favourite of mine.

They’re offering free delivery Australia-wide so get on it ASAP or you’ll be a right fewl.