A Fan Recreated The Kath & Kim House On Sims 4, Featuring The Good Room & The Belvedere Spa

If you’re a foxy fan of Kath & Kim and have been following along with our recent yarns (i.e. the one about the cardboard cutout and Dan Andrews being a secret stan), you’ll no doubt have read my rave review of Da Kath & Kim Appreciation Society.

The Facebook group is an absolute goldmine of noice, different and unusual content and my latest fave is a gal who made a Sims replica of the famous Fountain Lakes home.

“I made the Kath & Kim house on the Sims 4 and it’s taken me ages and yes I am a complete and utter loser and a bit desperately lonely!!!!!” a fan by the name of Holly announced in the group.

“I’ve uploaded it to the library if you want it – I’ve called it ‘Da Kath & Kim house x’.”

Just bloody have a peek at the pics, will ya?

Kath & Kim house on Sims 4

Ah, yis. There it is, looking all tizzy. Come in if you’re good looking!

And there’s Kath with her great hunk of spunk, Kel, who’s staying at her behest.

And struggling to fit into her jeans.

And rocking the Jessica Homer Simpson look.

Kath and Kel enjoying a nice boogy after a delicious tea. Was it the Donna Hay tonight?

Kim once again, on the couch in her Homer Simpson look. Will it ever move out?

And finally, here’s lovers Kath and Kel in the Belvedere spa, with Kim having a good butchers, and Mandy too, I’m sure.

Kath & Kim is now streaming on Netflix.