Kanye & Kim’s Third Bébé Has Reportedly Scored A Release Date

According to the doyens of celebrity gossip over at TMZ – and they are rarely wrong on matter such as these – Kanye and Kim‘s third child has a due date. Folks, baby #3 is coming in January.

You may recall that the couple have enlisted a surrogate for this particular birth, as Kim developed a condition called placenta accreta, a debilitating condition which could have been fatal if she attempted to bring a third child to term. Ergo, surrogate.

TMZ reports that the surrogate is banned from from “smoking, drinking or doing drugs” during the pregnancy, which to me seems like generally wise advice when you’re carrying a baby. But hey – I’m not a doctor. Apparently, it’s all going very smoothly.

So there you go. Set your watches for January, and start guessing baby names.