A 13 Y.O On Junior MasterChef Put Us All To Shame With This Amazing Chocolate Sphere Thingy

After one of the best seasons of adult MasterChef, I didn’t think it would be possible for anything to top it. But Junior MasterChef has managed to be even more wholesome and entertaining as the regular chef, and I’m so here for it.

Tonight was a MasterChef crossover episode, as they brought Masterchef 2020 winner Emelia Jackson to set this weeks mystery box challenge.

In a HUGE twist, the mystery box wasn’t a mystery box at all. It was actually a cake. All the kids minds were blown.

Dream team Ben and Filo were just bloody demolishing the cake, and nothing is cuter than kids getting excited about cake.

“I need a nap, I’ve just eaten like a quarter of this cake,” Ben said after eating that massive cake.

The show was once again commended for being the most wholesome thing EVER.


The MasterChef kids have once again made us adults feel incompetent in the kitchen. Ganache? What even is that? It sounds like the name of one of my Malaysian cousins.

Then the little chefs had to plate up their dishes and um, they all looked incredible. I mean I still regularly cook two-minute noodles with a can of tuna, and then happily call it a night so…

The channel 10 intern was having a good old laugh again.

Now that the Footy is over, we need something new to cheer on. This Tigers fan has picked Ben to be that thing.

Dev‘s chocolate sphere was what chocolate dreams were made of. Someone tell me how a 13-year old boy just made that?? Meanwhile I can’t even make toast.

A kid made this WTF??

Ahh Junior MasterChef is simply a god send during these unprecedented times. It’s just so wholesome.