If you ever felt even the slightest bit confident about how you cook, just remember that the kids on Junior MasterChef would probably thrash you in any culinary challenge with their eyes closed.

No offence, but it’s just a fact. And it was proven once again in tonight’s episode.

This time we had a giant mystery box which contained… the judges dressed up as octogenarians.

The real ingredients were in fact aged foods (blue cheese, aged sirloin steak and balsamic vinegar) and ‘baby’ foods (such as baby carrot, baby cauliflower and baby snapper).

The kids’ challenge was to somehow fuse these two categories, and the results almost sound made-up.

A lot of people wouldn’t even know how to eat these things on their own, and yet here are these kids making blue cheese ice cream and vegetarian carpaccio.

Then there was Vienna, who just casually filleted a baby snapper like she had three decades of experience as a small-town fishmonger.

And Filo, who enters his happy place when he’s humming away and baking pies. If I hum in the kitchen I get distracted and burn cereal.

Long story short: this food is insanely good, even if adults had made it.

Now it’s time for the obligatory Ben appreciation post, because he is a literal angel and his blue cheese ice cream was wild, even by the lofty standards of Junior MasterChef.

Until next episode, Ben & co.

Image: Network Ten