John Mulaney Surprised His Audience With Transphobe Dave Chappelle & They’re Rightfully Pissed

john mulaney dave chappelle

Comedian John Mulaney is under fire for forcing his audience to endure a surprise set from noted transphobe Dave Chappelle. Stop convincing straight cis men that they’re funny challenge!

Despite being the internet’s favourite white guy during the peak of Tumblr, Mulaney has had many a stumble.

His messy public breakup with Anna Marie-Tendler and subsequent pregnancy with Olivia Munn definitely dampened the clouds hanging over his image.

Now he’s gone and fucked up even worse, by surprising his crowd at an Ohio show with Dave Chappelle, who has kind of made transphobia his thing. I won’t get into it too much, but Chappelle is basically an old guy who feels restricted in his language because he can’t offend everyone under the guise of comedy.

Instead of telling audiences to grow a tough skin, have you tried just being funny? We can’t tell folks to go to other comedians’ shows anymore because it looks like Chappelle will appear anywhere.

The show was part of Mulaney’s current tour From Scratch. This is the second time that Chappelle has been randomly placed as an opener.

Both times, he has reportedly included a transphobic joke in his set.

Members of the audience have been sharing their experiences of the show online, including the fact that Mulaney made a point to ban recording during the show.

I wonder why he wanted nobody filming Chappelle’s set.

Other Twitter users claimed that Mulaney expressed how close he was to Chappelle throughout his set, and came out to hug him after he was finished opening.

Chappelle has far too many platforms already, he doesn’t need his buddy giving him the green light to spring transphobia on an unsuspecting crowd.

One audience member wrote down some of the things Chappelle allegedly said during his set, and it includes ableism, transphobia, racism and some rather strange comments about Russia.

Argue with your wall about the definition of comedy, some things are just fucked up to say, period.

All I ask for is just one week without trans people being dragged through the dirt because some people just love to express their fear through idiocy.

I leave you with this meme about the situation before I get too heated.